Mental Kilter Workshops

 Have us come to you!

Mental Kilter all started with the idea of having a Saturday evening class/lifting session followed by a meeting. Something people could do on the weekend that didn't involve going to the bar. Attendance to both is not necessary, but encouraged. The only stipulation is you must be substance free for 24 hours prior. This keeps everyone on the honor system while simultaneously keeping people sober for Friday night as well.

We have now grown to much more than just an evening class. Mental Kilter has expanded to be a team of individuals who have first hand experienced some of the same trials tribulations you have. We want to come together. Our team will bring you workouts and technique clinics, nutritional guidance (if requested), the science behind mental health and physical fitness, a safe environment to not only hear our stories, but to share your own. 

This is a safe haven that provides protection to all who attend. We can do together what we cannot do alone. We invite you to use our strength, guidance, and community to build a better you. With the use of your facility we can share a workout, share our story, and be apart of our tribe of building better humans without the use of substances.


Upcoming Events:

UH-OH! We don't have any events on the books. If you want to host a workshop, let us know!