Our Mission


MENTAL [men-tl] adjective

1. of or relating to the mind: mental powers

KILTER [kil-ter] noun

1. good condition; fitness


Healthy Body, Healthy Mindset

When you're pursuing your fitness goals, it helps put you in a positive mindset. Instead of worrying about [relapse or withdrawal], you can focus on the positive- improving your health and getting in better shape. Research is exploring the link between fitness and brain chemistry health. According to The Fix, "Most people think exercise works to distract addicts from obsessing about using, but [the study's researcher] believes it also boosts critical brain chemicals- dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin- the same chemicals sparked by most drugs of addiction."



 Mental Kilter originated with tying together sobriety and recovery through fitness. It's now evolved into more than just substance abuse, but mental health as well.

We want to be a community that people can go to when in tough times or self doubt. 

Something that makes people remember that they are capable of coming out of any situation if they just believe in themselves. And that fitness can be a huge role in helping them succeed.

Our mental [kilter] is important and must be trained as we do the rest of our body.