Tips and Tricks to Creating Healthy Habits

Leah Casciano

Life can get hectic. Sometimes all we need is little reminders on how to create healthy habits to try and be less cluttered. Happiness can come from the tiniest acts.

Make Your Bed - Our parents used to make us have our beds made every morning as a chore, which in turn made us not want to do it, But it turns out that having a fresh bed to get into every night can really make a difference in how you feel. Try hanging and washing your sheets once a week while you're at it. Few things feel as good as fresh sheets do.

Write a Task List - Plan out your day. What needs to be done? Prioritizing our obligations and responsibility can make them seem less stressful. This will also give you room to factor in the fun things as well.

Start a Bullet Journal - This can go hand in hand with your Task List. Bullet journaling has been proving to have calming affects in a stressful world. Start small with writing down your daily habits, food and water intake, and your feelings. This could give you insight on the things that make you happy versus the things that maybe need to be re-evaluated.

Remove Apps from your Smart Phone - Social Media runs a lot of our lives these days and can cause us many feelings; stress, annoyance, feelings of not being or doing enough, distract us from our own lives. Try deleting a few apps from your phone. Something like FaceBook can be checked on your desktop at home. You don't need to spend hours a day reading through the same timeline. Try reading the New App or finding a new book instead.

Switch your Daily Drinks to Water - WATER IS OUR FRIEND. Repeat that over and over. We all know the crazy benefits to drinking enough water but of few of my favorites to mention: helps clear our skin, helps our hair grow, helps us sleep, helps our body stay hydrated (no headaches ftw) Try switching any sugary drinks you normally have with some water. You'd be surprised at how your body reacts.

Exercise -  Having an outlet to clear your mind, let out some aggression, and just plain sweating is what our bodies are made for. Finding new ways to get some fitness in can make all the difference in our day to day happiness.

Clean Out your Closet - Regularly getting rid of clothes we no longer wear can be refreshing. Knowing that you have a closet full of stuff that isn't being used or worn, can add clutter to our minds without even realizing it.

Develop a Nightly Routine - Find a routine that can get your day off of your chest, all the worry out of your mind, and focus on the happiness and gratitude from each day. Something that will help you see the light and give you the best rest possible. Having proper sleep is vital to a healthy lifestyle.