Pierrson Soh Testimony

I was an addict; literally lived life with 'never a sober moment' my entire 17-20 years of age. Drowning my self in bottles of whiskey every midweek & weekends, smoking weed every night before bed. Of course, I went to gym, I liked(not loved) fitness. Many bad things happen during those years, Inbroke ankle play football hungover, dad passed on from lung cancer, personal medical issues, getting caught with the law & order. But worst: my career was going nowhere; I always wanted to be a top athlete, to inspire others and such; but I was a fat bulky & high af/hungover majority of the time. One day, a major turning point happened in my life when certain things happened. Giving up alone was hard: I gave up smoking & drugs when I turnt 20. Still drank alcohol. It was when I turnt 21, I wanted to get shredded glutes naturally and get on the bodybuilding stage; I knew I couldn't afford to drink alcohol. Now I'm 24, an elite level powerlifter in the global powerlifting alliance, multiple record holder. Working to get myself on the IPF world's podium next year. Fitness is more than a lifestyle, it gave me motivation to stop what seemed really difficult: smoking, drinking, doping etc.