Mike Seguin Testimony

Leah Casciano

An email I received the same day [this] site was published. It touched my heart, so with permission from Mike, I wanted to share his story with you all.



I don't really share my story to often. I follow your page on Instagram and felt compelled to share.

I have dealt with depression / anxiety and addictions most of my life. I started drinking at age 14, I'm 30 now. I never thought I had a problem with substance. My DOC changed a lot from booze to other " street drugs ". Eventually my depression got worse, I was self medicating and not telling anyone that I had a problem. I thought I could do it on my own without asking for help. Things got worse, I had a couple "small" overdoses that never seemed to stop me. In 2014 my depression was at its worst. I had hit what I thought was my end, my bottom. I attempted suicide by overdosing on multiple drugs as I thought that was the way out, the way to get away from myself and my thoughts. I spent almost two weeks in the hospital, but I survived. I still didn't tell anyone, even my fiancé at the time that I had a problem or that I was suffering from depression. I thought something was wrong with me or that I was damaged goods. So I kept it secret. My mental health continued to get worse the longer I kept it to myself. Finally in early 2016 I asked for help and came clean with my problems. I checked myself into an inpatient rehab Center and started my journey in recovery. I spent just over two months there, learning not only about substance abusers but the problems behind it. I attended my first NA, AA and CA meetings in treatment. I worked on my spirituality and my health. I started eating properly again and working out. My addiction cost me almost everything. My fiancé, my house and almost my life. Next week I will be 6 months clean and sober. I am currently enrolled into university doing a degree in addiction counselling. I entered recovery and never looked back. Through fitness and hiking I have stayed sober. My goal is to help those who are going through what I went through and to use my experiences to reach out to those in need. The more I find out about people in recovery doing amazing things, the more accepted I feel with my story. Thanks for inspiring and doing what you do.