Megan Mullins and GRITrx

We've come across many different types of people doing incredible things in our community. Megan is someone who reached out wanting to share what she has started to reach out to our young generation who struggle with mental health illnesses.


I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of MD as well as ACE Certified Personal Trainer and CrossFit L1 coach at CrossFit Equity/Equity Strength and Conditioning. Full time, I am a therapist at Upper Bay Counseling and Support Services where I work mainly with teenagers.

I myself am diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and have struggled with substance abuse issues in the past. I use exercise to treat my issues and recently created an "Exercise Based Mental Health Intervention" I originally called UBFit with the help of CrossFit Equity and Upper Bay Counseling. The program was designed to help others who also struggle with mental illness/addiction and may not otherwise be able to access a gym. We have groups of middle and high school kids come to the CrossFit Equity via Upper Bay Counseling's PRP (partial rehabilitation program) where they go over a life lesson/topic related to the workout I program (comfort zones, perseverance, confidence, effort, failure, etc). I then use the workout to provide them with first hand experiential learning opportunities related to the topic of choice (i.e. ropclimbs for pushing comfort zones). We then debrief the topic and relate what they learned in the gym to life in general. All my clients have mental health and sometimes additional substance abuse issues. The program is taking off and they are loving it!! We are treating issues such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and PTSD with this intervention so far. With the owner of CrossFit Equity's encouragement. I recently decided to try and expand this program. GRITrx is an extension of UBFit. Through GRITrx I hope to be able to offer fitness as medicine to more agencies and schools in the area. I also hope to bring fitness to anyone who may not otherwise have access to it. This would not have been possible without the help of the owners of CrossFit Equity, Berek and Krista Bryan, and the amazing CrossFit Equity community. Fitness, and CrossFit, really does change lives.