Kelly Hempfling Testimony

Since I was a young child I have struggled with anxiety and depression. I can vividly remember countless times where I had missed opportunities because I was too riddled with anxiety, and constantly seeking reasons to live. This previous year the darkness had reached an all time low when my fiancé and I ended our engagement, and I was rejected from the graduate program I so desperately wanted for the second time. I was forced to uproot from Boston and move to New York, away from a life I worked so hard to build.

I was finding it harder and harder to see the light until one day a friend introduced me to CrossFit. While the burpees, snatches, and cleans equipped me with brute physical strength, they have more importantly given me the mental strength to fight for me each and every day. Crossfit has saved my life, and now while there are undoubtedly bumps along the road, I am conquering these bumps basked in the light I have mustered by myself, for myself. Today, I am coaching CrossFit at a local gym in New York, helping others gain this insight to conquer their own inner demons.

I believe it's extremely important for people to become more aware of mental health and to abolish the stigma surrounding its maladies. The phrase "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," has never made more sense.