Amy Silverman Testimony

Leah Casciano

The universe brought Amy and I together trough mutual social media friends. I knew that something had to be special about her; the coincidences were all too connected. She and her husband, Kevin, moved to the town I used to live in (I was still there when they moved). They were both heavily tattooed, into CrossFit and general fitness, loved the outdoors, and also happened to be clean and sober! Here is Amy's story below:


"I was into really hard drugs, drank every day & was always putting poison in the form of food & substance in my body. My MAIN focus was the bar scene, who I’d get messed up with & what people thought of me. Exercise was something I saw other people doing but it just wasn’t for me. I could barely get up in the morning never mind work out. To be honest with you, being healthy just never crossed my mind. It wasn’t even on my radar till I got sober & started my journey to becoming the best version of me."